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SVO: Images

This is for all you guys who don't have magazine subscriptions.

I stored(or a least I'm starting to) some acticles on a web server I have access to.  There are a couple of articles out there that we've been talking about and more will follow when I get a chance to scan them in.  I have about 2 gig's worth of space available so if anybody would like to post a picture of there car or something let me know.  I'd sure like to see some of them. 

Anyway, you can access the files by entering the following URL


As might be obvious, select the SVO subdirectory and have fun.

I don't think I'm doing anything here which would bother anybody but just in case please keep it down.

It's in pretty raw form here but eventually I'll get a chance to put a front end on it.  For now it works.

Ron L.
85.5 SVO