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RE: SVO: hard shifting?

as long as I've gotta crawl under to check everything, I was thinking of
changing tranny fluid to the Red line Lub. Anybody have negative
experiances with this product?  


What is the correct OEM fluid for a T5?

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> First time I had the tranny oil changed on my 2nd SVO, (purchased
> used) it
> was turning winter, and the shifter was getting really stiff, as in
> stirring
> cold molasses with a short stick. 
> Guy in the pit came in and asked why on earth I would use 90 weight
> Diff. oil
> in the tranny........Funny thing....much easier to shift with the
> proper
> fluid in it......
> Never hurts to check the obvious.  
> Dwayne Parker
> Red '86
> (Hard shifting '85 now sold)