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SVO: Tranny Fluids

Hi folks, Only use the fluid originally reccommended for your tranny.
Early T-5's use gear oil and have brass synchronizer rings. Later T-5's
(Super T-5's) 86 and newer (I believe) all use composite synchronizers.
Th synchronizer is made of powdered metal and utilizes a friction
material very similar to the material found in automatic tranny
clutches. The material is bonded to the cone surface of the synchronizer
ring. Use of gear oil in these trannys will cause the friction material
to tear off. You must use ATF. The most durable tranny is the late
model, due to the tapered roller bearings used on the countershaft. The
earlier "gear oil" T-5s used Torrington straight roller (very similar to
8.8" axle bearings) pressed in the case. Don't ask nme how I know. My
High school students blow all flavors of this box and I do at least 10 a
year from Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, and Jeeps. Yes, I said Jeep.

John Garasimowicz '87 TC