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SVO: Fuel pumps and tanks

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Ronald Larsen wrote:

> What kind of pump did you buy?  I used an external T-Rex pump and I'm sure it's doing it's job but what a noise maker.  Wrapped in in pipe insulation, used rubber pads for the base, even isolated the nuts and bolts on both ends with rubber bushings and you still hear it.

I plan to pick up at least a 155 lph in-tank pump, 190 if funds allow.  I 
know the Motorsport stuff is good, but there are a lot of other 
manufacturers out there.  Does anyone have any advice on what brands to 
stay away from or had good luck with any particular brand.  I'm on a tight 
budget (still have to find a used tank) so the cheaper the better, but I 
don't want to have to do the work again due to poor quality parts!

Also, what is the capacity of the an '86 fuel tank.  Seems like I never 
put more than 13 gallons in mine when the needle is below "e".  I've got 
a line on a '90 2.3 tank to replace my leaking SVO tank, but the capacity 
according to the manuals I've read says that it's a 15.4 gallon tank.

My question is...If I install the new pump in the '90 tank, will I have 
to move over the fuel level sending unit/arm assembly from my 86 or will 
the newer sender assembly work?  I have not seen any of the parts off of 
the cars, so I'm trying to gather as much info as possible to make the 
swap go smoothly.

85&86 SVOs