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SVO fuel guage being screwy?

  Ever since I have owned this car, I have been getting shitty gas mileage
when I calculate it with the trip odometer.  Examples, full tank gets me 180
miles or 240 if I drive mostly highway(SVO day), 5 gallons got me 57 miles
until the guage read below E, which I said it's "enough" and filled up my
tank.  Which came out to be 12.6 gallons to  be exact.  Wait a minute, aren't
the tanks 15.4 gallons? What's going on here? The fuel guage sender or IVR?
 I think it's both, my temp, oil andgas guage like to go up and down at the
same time - intermititently.  Though the 155 pump and ETS roller cam might be
a factor too.