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Re: Your cars

Chris Roth wrote:
> Bud,
> I looked at the pictures of your cars on Ron Larson's site and have a
> couple of questions:
> Is the Gails 85 picture your sage green SVO? It is a really sharp
> car.

Um, ...no, that's Gail Goodall's Black 85 (only 40k miles)...VERY nice
car!!...Gail is the SVOOA Great Lakes Reg. Director. My 85' Dark Sage is
still undergoing a full restoration.

> Where is this show at?  There are quite a few SVOs there.

Columbus, Ohio...held inconjunction with the PFCA Ford Expo Show (labor
day weekend, this year) It's an annual event held at the Nationals
Dragway...and there's drag racing going on all weekend long....21 SVOs
in all showed up.

> Actually both of your SVOs are very nice looking.  I like the 94-95
> 6cyl Mustang wheels you used on trailer, nice touch.
Thanks...and that's Anthony Davidson's Mercury with the trailer and
wheels...that's also his 85 GT (only 1,400 miles). Anthony was the
former owner of my 86 2R. He also has a low mileage 85 SVO 2R that he
purchased this fall and is restoring a white 86'. Me & Anthony have
become pretty good friends since I bought the 86 from him a few years

Thanks for the compliments...btw, we're having a SVO mini meet held in
conjunction with the SAAC/TN club on April 18th & 19th, Nashville,TN 
show is on the 18th and AutoXing on the 19th. You don't need a show car
to show up and hang out with fellow SVO-sters..just be an enthusiast

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E