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RE: SVO fuel guage being screwy?

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>Sent: 	Thursday, November 13, 1997 7:11 AM
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>Subject: 	SVO fuel guage being screwy?
> What's going on here? The fuel guage sender or IVR?
>my temp, oil andgas guage like to go up and down at the
>same time - intermititently.  


>Though the 155 pump and ETS roller cam might be
>a factor too.

Fuel pump capacity makes no difference.  ETS roller - probably doesn't
help mileage.  I'm not exactly sure how you are calculating fuel
mileage, but try this.  

1- Fill tank completely
2 -Reset trip odometer  
3 -Drive it !
4 -Refill tank
5 -Calculate fuel mileage, by using number of gallons added, and miles
shown on trip odometer.