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Re: SVO: hard shifting?

In a message dated 97-11-13 03:05:15 EST, Kenny.Baxter@Ebay.Sun.COM writes:

 I know a lot of folks that run gear oil in their transmisions--but all 
 of those vehicles see serious track time with the Shelby club.  On the 
 track it may help because of the severe driving conditions and extreme 
 heat.  For daily driving, the only value-add I see is a stronger right 
Do Not Under Any circumstances use Gear oil in a late model T-5. It will
aside from the obvious hard shifting cause failure in the transimission
sooner or later. The gear oil is too thick and does not properly lubricate
the trans. I dont know about pre 86 T-5's but will confirm this on my 84 when
I drop the trans out of it in a few weeks.

red 86