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Re: SVO: Vortech Aftercooler

Sly, Dennis wrote:
> After reading the latest "Tiny Avenger" article I decided to check out
> one of these after coolers, it seems to be really effiecient compared to
> an intercooler(stock or TC). Then I looked at the price
> $1500 bucks WHOA. Anybody got any comments on whether these are really
> worth the money.

Seems to me that they *might* make sense for a dedicated race car...
like, say...a stripped out 1800lb Pinto racing in a 4 cylinder turbo
class that's never driven on the street and needs to run 9s to be
competitive.  I think air-to-air would make a lot more sense for
the average street machine, though.  Air to water isn't very special
when the water's warm.