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Re: Subscribe & experiences

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> About the Cobra R rims, don't try it, they will not fit, I have tried this.
>  There are two offsets available in the Cobra R rims and both will not work.  

Boy I'm  glad to hear this before wasting all of that time and money.
> On my 86 SVO I installed the SN95 16X7 five spoke wheels in normal finish
> (silver).  These wheels look great on my Silver Metallic car and the tires
> only rub with 300lbs of sand bags in the back going through a big bump.  I
> could cut the inner lip on the rear fender to eliminate this problem, but
> it rarely rubs.  I plan to have pictures of both of the SVOs on my web site
> with the SN95 wheels, but I not had the time lately, hopefully soon.
I would love to see what that looks like, Those rims were my second 
choice if I can't find cheaper stock rims. I think that they would look 
good but have a hard time picturing these things in my head, maybe I 
should scan my car and the rims in and edit... That should help.

	Thanks for the info,
	Matt Carlson
	'84 SVO Mustang -Black
	"Knowledge is HorsePower"
	www.acm.ndsu.nodak.edu/~macarlso "The FM area Racing Page"