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Re: SVO: hard shifting?

>Do Not Under Any circumstances use Gear oil in a late model T-5. It will
>aside from the obvious hard shifting cause failure in the transimission
>sooner or later. The gear oil is too thick and does not properly lubricate
>the trans. I dont know about pre 86 T-5's but will confirm this on my 84 when
>I drop the trans out of it in a few weeks.

    Not so.  Many racers use 80-w90 in their T-5's.  It resists higher heat
and still lubes.  Syncros will not last as long, but in the situations
(drag, road race, etc) it is not a problem.  It is not recommended for daily
drivers though.  In fact, when my friend had his WC T-5 rebuilt for his
blown GT, the shop gave him Red Line gear oil to put in since he used the
car mostly for racing and the occasional cruise.
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