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Re: SVO: Vortech Aftercooler

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Sly, Dennis wrote:

> After reading the latest "Tiny Avenger" article I decided to check out
> one of these after coolers, it seems to be really effiecient compared to
> an intercooler(stock or TC). Then I looked at the price
> $1500 bucks WHOA. Anybody got any comments on whether these are really
> worth the money.

heres the low down...
do you drive the car on the street mostly?

if no, maybe its good for you..if yes, do you have plenty of places to buy
ice, and not mind pulling over and refilling the resevoir with ice every
few hours?  

It runs on ice water, which needs to be replenished. Kind of nice for a
drag car, but stupid for a driver.  Plus its REALLY expensive, and I
wouldnt doubt that one of the reasons they used it with a 65 mm TB only is
cuz it will work witha  65 mm tb...notice how they didnt try the TC inter
cooler with the 65?


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