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Re: TC IC on SVO photos?


The TCIC (gotta love this) is bigger and you'd think that would make it flow better.  I didn't notice a big difference but I'm sure there was some gain.

Since it is wider I had to realign the compressor wheel to make it fit right.  There are several bolt around the parimeter which need to be loosened.  I did this with the turbo on the car but I do seem to remember a little swearing being involved.

A bigger issue is that the seal on the hood no longer lines up (again due to the bigger core).  I didn't have an opportunity to grab the TC seal to see if I could adapt it to the SVO.  Maybe somebody else has resolved this.

Another bit of advise.  Placing the IC above the turbocharger unit probably doesn't rank up there with Ford's brightest desisions.  I had my exaust/Turbine coated and then wrapped the turbine housing with Thermotec insulation.  I also have a fan which someday I'd like to mount under the TCIC to draw air through the hood while the vehicle is stationary.  Anyway, the TCIC felt much cooler after this (didn't burn my hand as badly) and that helps on warm days.

As for a place to start for neck snapping acceleration I'd go with a better exhaust (3" down pipe leading to whatever you'd like after it) and bump the boost pressure a little.  Then put a conicle K&N filter in place of the stock box.

I promise, It'll run MUCH better.

>>> Kenny Baxter <Kenny.Baxter@Ebay.Sun.COM> 11/13 1:47 PM >>>

Hi Ron,

     I have a bone stock 86 SVO right now.  I've been told that the TC 
intercooler is a better unit (bigger/cooler).  I'm looking to upgrade my 
engine, and that seems like a good place to start.  I want to make 
between 250 and 300 hp, and about 300 ft/lbs of torque.  The drive train 
MUST be reliable, though!  I'm not looking for neck-breaking launches, 
but I will need the power for open track events.  Any advice you have 
would be great.  I'd love to see (or hear) anything you have got!
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> I have an SVO with TCIC installed.  You want me to take a picture and 
post it?  What are you trying to do anyway?
> Ron L.
> 85.5 SVO