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RE: SVO: hard shifting?

Hi all, Thanks for all the great input. I crawled under the car today
(it's like cold here in DC now) There was Dextron in it but it seemed to
be low. I checked the `84 shop manual. This is the correct fluid for the
car as per the book.

I was so happy with Mobil 1 in the motor that I went out and bought $18
worth of Mobile synthetic ATF and dumped 2.6l of it in there after
draining the old stuff. So far, so good. The problem has been sporadic
so it could be a few days till I see weather or not it did anything.

O, I checked out all the clutch cables. All happy looking there. I'll
pull up on the adjuster tonight and see iffin that helps.

FYI all. I ran my car up to six grand on the tach for the first time
last night. I've had the car two years! Kissem gas mileage bye-bye from
now on  :-) . If my tranny's not broke yet, it will be!

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> << 
>  I know a lot of folks that run gear oil in their transmisions--but
> all 
>  of those vehicles see serious track time with the Shelby club.  On
> the 
>  track it may help because of the severe driving conditions and
> extreme 
>  heat.  For daily driving, the only value-add I see is a stronger
> right 
>  arm...
>  --Kenny
>   >>
> Do Not Under Any circumstances use Gear oil in a late model T-5. It
> will
> aside from the obvious hard shifting cause failure in the
> transimission
> sooner or later. The gear oil is too thick and does not properly
> lubricate
> the trans. I dont know about pre 86 T-5's but will confirm this on my
> 84 when
> I drop the trans out of it in a few weeks.
> Paul
> red 86