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Re: SVO: hard shifting?

In a message dated 97-11-13 14:29:41 EST, BugBug@net-thing.net writes:

     Not so.  Many racers use 80-w90 in their T-5's.  It resists higher heat
 and still lubes.  Syncros will not last as long, but in the situations
 (drag, road race, etc) it is not a problem.  It is not recommended for daily
 drivers though.  In fact, when my friend had his WC T-5 rebuilt for his
 blown GT, the shop gave him Red Line gear oil to put in since he used the
 car mostly for racing and the occasional cruise.
                                                 Bug Bug
That may be so in some cases for racing only but I believe the majority of
the cars on this list are daily driven and occasionally raced if at all. I
dont think that I personally would use gear oil in a T-5 even if it was a
dedicated racer but thats just me. I have seen the inside of 3 T-5's that had
gear oil in them and I did not like what I saw, they were not high mileage
units just serviced by someone who did not know any better and it ended up
costing the owner a new trans.

red 86