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SVO: IC rigging???

I just got back from a small salvage yard that I recently discovered in 
town.  The have an '87 Conquest TSI - complete motor/turbo setup.  I 
noticed that it had a rather large (3" X 16" X 8") front mount 
intercooler.  The plumbing looked like 2.25" daimeter.  Based on a quick 
talk with the yard owner, I think that I could pick it and the plumbing 
up for about $75.

Has anybody seen or tried a similar setup?  Is it feasible?  This 
particular piece was in front of the radiator...is this a must?  Any 
ideas on mounting locations?  How hard/expensive is it to bend/plumb the 
new lines?  I don't know of anyone around here that can do mandrel 
bends.  What other sorts of businesses might have tubing bender (other 
that muffler shops)?

Sorry about the 20 questions....just brainstorming!

85$86 SVOs