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Re: Turbo 2.3's

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply!! I have never owned an SVO but I did get a ride in
a 85 1/2 and it was impressive!!!! That was when I decided to do up the
Pinto with SVO power...I will do some searching for those other
lists....Thanks again ;-)

71 Cutlass S 455
86 Mustang LX w/ 88 T-Bird turbo 2.3

Chris Roth wrote:
> Steve,
> There are two other lists that I know of for 2.3L Turbo Cars.  I personally
> have 2 SVOs and agree that they are a great car.  The other evening I got
> into a stoplight jocky with a sharp looking 85 Convertible and pulled away
> from him without a problem in my 86 SVO.  There are several cheap mods to
> make these cars run as fast as a mildly modified 5.0.  I have less than
> $5000 in my 86 SVO and it runs a altitude correct 13.6@99mph.
> >I recently joined the list and would like to find out some more info on
> >modifying the turbo 2.3's
> > I am
> >planning on building up the motor a little and dropping it into a 93-up
> >Ranger x-cab hopefully sometime next year...Anybody else out there
> >interested in the turbo 2.3's ????
> Chris Roth
> 98 SVT Contour -Black
> 86 SVO Mustang -Silver Metallic
> 85 SVO Mustang -Bright Red
> http://holly.colostate.edu/~caroth
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