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Re: Ordering parts

> I used to have a '7"' K&N cone on the Pinto that I got from Holcomb
> Motorsports for $24 + shipping. It was advertised as a 5.0 filter, but I
> can't remember the number (RE-0930 sounds familiar though). It fit great
> on the 3" VAF. 

I can tell you that if you got it in the last few years...it wasn't an
"RE-0930"...unless Holcomb turned into a non-profit organization --
actually, it would have to be a charitable organization...;)

I think Davis sell that one for like $50 or so...that's a little bit high
(~10 bucks too high, but cheap for him), but it probably is an "0930".  

Do you still have he cone?  I can figure out which one it is from the mold
numbers if it's a K&N -- then we'll really know which one it is.