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Re: SVO: Re: Vortech Aftercooler

In a message dated 97-11-14 09:39:08 EST, Mp23cc writes:

 I do not know how good the flow numbers are on the Vortech cooler they
tested. On the street you would need a radiator about the size of 16x14x1 to
cool the core to about the 80% range. With this size radiator in front of the
engine radiator I would think the engine temps would be much higher. This is
why air to water units never worked good on the street. $1500.00 is a lot of
money for what you get, for about $950.00 you can get the Spearco unit and
have the very best set-up for the SVO or T-Bird.
 116 octane fuel, ice water for the cooler, 83 exhaust housing, no power
under 4200 to power above 5300. This is a true dyno only motor, you would not
want to drive this around the block. How about the air fuel numbers at idle,
what does a stable idle mean? 42s with no reprogram of the computer, this can
never happen.
  I guess they made the power they were looking for but I would like to see
it made on a street car that needs to be driven to and from work everyday.
 Later....Nick >>

Nick is right, In the real world we do not drive our cars on Dyno's. Although
the Tiny avenger articles are interesting, They have thrown the average
budget and practicality out the tenth story window. These magazines need to
understand that although we may like to see articles like this(we can all
dream of unlimited funds), 95% of their readers are not professional racers
and do not have sponsors and would like to see articles geared more towards
the daily driver.
red 86