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Re: SVO: IC rigging???


     I don't know if its feasible or not, but I can say that if it is, 
you should try to mount it in front of the radiator for maximum 
effeciency.  If yout mounted behind the radiator, the air going thru the 
intercooleer has been "pre-heated" by the heat exchange of the radiator, 
thus lessoning the effect of the intercooler.  

  86 SVO
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> Subject: SVO:  IC rigging???
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> I just got back from a small salvage yard that I recently discovered 
> town.  The have an '87 Conquest TSI - complete motor/turbo setup.  I 
> noticed that it had a rather large (3" X 16" X 8") front mount 
> intercooler.  The plumbing looked like 2.25" daimeter.  Based on a 
> talk with the yard owner, I think that I could pick it and the 
> up for about $75.
> Has anybody seen or tried a similar setup?  Is it feasible?  This 
> particular piece was in front of the radiator...is this a must?  Any 
> ideas on mounting locations?  How hard/expensive is it to bend/plumb 
> new lines?  I don't know of anyone around here that can do mandrel 
> bends.  What other sorts of businesses might have tubing bender (other 
> that muffler shops)?
> Sorry about the 20 questions....just brainstorming!
> Sam
> 85$86 SVOs