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Re: SVO: IC rigging???

Samuel M. Hanks wrote:

> <Chrysler Conquest IC>

> I think that I could pick it and the plumbing
> up for about $75.
> Has anybody seen or tried a similar setup?  Is it feasible?  This
> particular piece was in front of the radiator...is this a must?

Some of the Talon/Eclipse guys have also been messing with these.
Apparantly the Conquest IC is somewhat better than the stock Talon/
Eclipse IC, but none of the serious racers are using it.  That would
lead me to believe that it's good until you're trying to flow 250+
hp worth of air...

I wouldn't put it anywhere that wasn't facing forward and directly
in the cold-air-stream.  Behind the radiator is bogus...just beneath
and ahead of the radiator in the SVO "mouth" would be good.