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Re: SVO: IC rigging???


>noticed that it had a rather large (3" X 16" X 8") front mount 
>intercooler.  The plumbing looked like 2.25" daimeter.  Based on a quick 
>talk with the yard owner, I think that I could pick it and the plumbing 
>up for about $75.

Wow, I would pick it up for the simple fact of the resale halue to another
Conquest owner.  I am not for sure, but I thought that the earlier TSIs did
not have Intercoolers so this could have been a add-on.

>Has anybody seen or tried a similar setup?  Is it feasible?  This 
>particular piece was in front of the radiator...is this a must?  Any 
>ideas on mounting locations?

I think I would try to set it up behind the Radiator simular to the Spearco
design.  Spearco make a scoop and shroud for IC.  It might be easier to set
the IC up in front of the radiator but you might want to purchase a larger
Radiator to handle the extra heat hitting the Radiator.

>How hard/expensive is it to bend/plumb the 
>new lines?  I don't know of anyone around here that can do mandrel 

Look at Summit for buying Mendrel bends, you can buy them super cheap bent
to almost any spec you want.

Chris Roth	
98 SVT Contour -Black
86 SVO Mustang -Silver Metallic
85 SVO Mustang -Bright Red