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Re: turbo swap

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Joseph L. McMullen wrote:

> 	I have been following you emails to your friends and fellow 2.3 owners.
> I would like to have some information about putting in a turbo. I bought
> a well used Turbo Coupe because the Turbo only has 10k miles. The rest
> of the car has 149K. My idea is to remove the turbo and computer box,
> etc and put it in a mustang that already has a rebuilt engine. You could
> save me a lot of problems if you would let me in on any mistakes that
> you made, or any problems that you encountered. At least that would be a
> few less that I would normally make.

I would have to agree with Scott on this. If I were you I would stick with
the stock 2.3 turbo stuff. Putting a turbo on the Mustang engine might be
risky (not to mention a handfull with wiring!). Not all the parts are the
same as the turbo counterpart (Joe you may want to check me on this --
head, pistons, ??). What kind of condition is the TC motor? Pull the head
and pan off and take a look. If it's in good shape, do a valve job (or
not) and throw the whole TC mess into the Mustang.

> 	I was looking at headers for a Turbo but $595 was a bit too much for
> me. Any commments or suggestions would be helpful.
> thanks Joe McMullen

As Scott suggested, I would go for the later ('87-'88) TC exhaust