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Re: turbo swap

> What do you guys think of the New Ported manifold that Dave Compton sells 
> from Turbo Tek Toys ( http://www.smartworks.com/turbotektoys/ ) he says 
> that it is a new design that is supposed to resist cracking, well ported, 
> and only $220 delivered, that is 1/3 of the price of the header.
> 	What do ya'll think?

Well...I'll put in my $.02...

My understanding is that Dave ports his own (probably does at least as
nice a job as Nick does).  The manifold lists new for ~$130...5-6 dollars
for shipping, that leaves $85 dollars for a port-match job that takes
about an hour to do.

My advice would be to buy a die-grinder and some bits and do it yourself.
It's really clear where you need to clean it up -- and it's fairly soft
stuff to deal with before it gets heated up and hardened.

Seriously...it's really easy do to...use the extra cash to buy the tools,
then you can do your own stuff.  Home Depot sells the grinders for about
$20, bits are $8-10 apiece, arbors for the hard rolls are ~$2.00 and the
rolls are maybe .20 to .25 each -- if you don't have air at your house,
you probably know someone who does.

BTW -- I drove the Pinto to school.  The cam pulls really well from
4-6000, but it drops off above 6500...I mean it pulls really well -- but I
want more up top.  Actually, I'm thinking about sticking it in either the
truck or the SVO and thrashing it some.  Steve already wants to do a
bigger one and I want wider lobe separation ... this one is on 109 or 110,
that's probably why it has more in the mid-range. 

Funny thing..when I went to W-C, Kurt Gordon was there (Turbo hails him
as like the king of the oxide-only Hondas).  He's always talking (sort-of
friendly) shit about how his Integra motored, stripped to the bone '94
civic with a huge unit is a "street" car...says Kurt..."I drive it

Well...I pull up in the Pinto on my way to school...where's the Civic
"street car"? He's driving his 4-Runner.  He has absolutely no sense of
humor for ribbing.  A little "sensitive"?

Talk to y'all later,