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Re: SVO: ATR and ETS exhaust

>I purchased and installed my ATR system this summer and wrote the big
>review for all to read.  I have a couple of questions for you:
>1. Is passenger side tight for you also?  I had/have problems this
>side over the  axle.
>2. Do you really think to mufflers hang lower or is it just the fact
>that they are shiny onder the car?
>3. Are the polished pipes very close to the gas tank?
>The reason I ask is that I want to contact ATR and complain about
>these problems without them blowing me of because of 'installation
>error'.  Let me know, Thanks
>Chris Roth

Things were too tight for my liking so I took the system to a muffler shop
and had it re-shaped.    We put in some new angles going over the axel,
shortened and re-angled all of the hangers.

1. I'm not having any problems anymore, but the passanger side was the worst.

2. Yes the mufflers were absolutely hanging lower.  I think that they are
still lower, but now I can get in and out of my drive without that long
slow scrape.

3. They were rubbing the gas tank until I modified them.  Er, had them

I would like to co-oberate with you in a complaint to ATR.  I can think of
a few things to mention to them to fix these problems, "like use the
originals as blue prints, duh".  And some other corrections.  Plus I want
my $100 of modifications to be re-inbursed.  Well, I can try!  :-)