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Re: turbo swap follow up Q's

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Joseph L. McMullen wrote:

> Cory & friends,
>         I have a 1988 TC And want to swap in the turbo in a 88 Mustang.
> Present
> Mustang engine has only 3k miles on rebuild. It is balanced with Wiseco
> pistons and long rod combo. With 272/280 motorsport cam, and large
> valves, I had to use a crane HI-6 and a timing computer to circumvent
> EEC-IV timimg control which defaults at 10 degrees with these changes.

I assume you have DIS (no distributor).

> Mustang has speed density. Will turbo vane system require similar bypass
> of computer timing control, or will it adapt to changes like 5.0 mass
> air? Also milled head by 40 thousands to increase compression to approx
> 10-1. Can I double up on Fel-Pro head gaskets to lower compression or
> does someone make a thicker head gasket? Don't want to tear down to
> change these expensive pistons. Or can I run with high compression at
> the max of 15 lb. boost? My MSD non-programmable timing computer can
> retard the timing by 4 degrees but higher numbered chips are available.
> This is via a manually operated switch not tied to boost.

Wow...well you kind of have some wiring issues to work out. If you have
DIS, then you have to convert to the distributor system/harness/EEC of the
TC. The turbo 2.3's are also speed density and there are no real mass-air
conversions that work on the market (to my knowledge anyway). It sounds
like the motor alone might have detonation problems at 10:1, it will only
get much worse if you try and add 1 bar. Have you thought about nitrous
instead? It sounds like it would be much easier than trying to retrofit a
turbo on your engine. 

my .02