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Engle "55" and IHI turbo

I was on my way home last night, and I though it might be interesting to
do some experimenting. I pulled into a gas station, filled up on my normal
dose of 92 octane and headed out to the interstate. The IHI was very
responsive in the 10 deg weather and hit 18psi almost faster than I could
put my foot to the floor. It did its usual thing: took off like a rabid
dog and kinda lost its pep in 2nd over 4500. Pulled off at the next
offramp and plugged the solenoid hose (10-11 psi max). Got back on the
car: it didn't spool up as quick, and its powerband was almost completely
opposite of what it was with higher boost. Now it lagged until 3500 and
then went like a banshee up to the rev limiter, just as quick as when
running higher boost. I wonder if its the cursed IHI? I definitely would
suggest swapping out the IHI before doing the cam/big valves on later TCs.
Well, I plan on swapping to the T03 when I can find a decent sized
intercooler (and maybe sell Matt my old one?). When I swap I think I might
try to do the downpipe again (and maybe the exhaust manifold trick).
Hopefully this will help give me some top end (I really need it for big
ending those modded 5.0s)


It's going to be a long winter...