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Re: turbo swap follow up Q's

On Sat, 15 Nov 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Joseph L. McMullen wrote:
> > Cory & friends,
> >         I have a 1988 TC And want to swap in the turbo in a 88 Mustang.

> > valves, I had to use a crane HI-6 and a timing computer to circumvent
> > EEC-IV timimg control which defaults at 10 degrees with these changes.
> I assume you have DIS (no distributor).
The DIS stuff didn't start till like 91 or so...

> > Mustang has speed density. Will turbo vane system require similar bypass
> > of computer timing control, or will it adapt to changes like 5.0 mass
> > air? Also milled head by 40 thousands to increase compression to approx
> > 10-1. Can I double up on Fel-Pro head gaskets to lower compression or
> > does someone make a thicker head gasket? Don't want to tear down to
> > change these expensive pistons. Or can I run with high compression at
> > the max of 15 lb. boost? My MSD non-programmable timing computer can
> > retard the timing by 4 degrees but higher numbered chips are available.
> > This is via a manually operated switch not tied to boost.
> Wow...well you kind of have some wiring issues to work out. If you have
> DIS, then you have to convert to the distributor system/harness/EEC of the
> TC. The turbo 2.3's are also speed density and there are no real mass-air
> conversions that work on the market (to my knowledge anyway). It sounds
> like the motor alone might have detonation problems at 10:1, it will only
> get much worse if you try and add 1 bar. Have you thought about nitrous
> instead? It sounds like it would be much easier than trying to retrofit a
> turbo on your engine. 
I would agree to stay away from the turbo on that longblock.  Kinda funny,
if you still had low compression, you would be down about
10hp........until the turbo kicked in:)
But cory, the DIS stuff didnt come out until the 90's, which at the same
time they got the roller cams and the mass air.


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