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Re: turbo swap

> Sounds like you may have hit on a very good combo for "the rest of us".
> You might try retarding it 2 - 4 degrees...
> -- 
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com
That's what I was thinking -- there aren't too many people who wind them
past 6500...I'm gonna try it at 4 and 8 retarded.  If it's like the Crane
and the Isky I used to have -- it's like a "horsepower screw"...the
farther back I go, the faster it goes.

Cory -- all other things held constant, a "wider" lobe separation will
yield a higher and narrower powerband, while a narrower angle will give
you a wider and lower powerband.

Sorry it took so long to answer -- I've had phone demons...right Scott?

I have a cord running outside to the box right now, so I can go around the
house wiring and get a clear connection.

Talk to y'all soon,

BTW -- Scott...I loved the "cc" to Dave's list. ;)