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Re: Ordering parts

> > 
> Consider it done. Where do you want me to send the check? I am going to 
> have to buy one of these and it might as well be from you. Also, do you 
> have the K&N filter oil stuff? I need this for the K&N's on my bike anyway.
> And what is this about you making 3" downtubes? cory was talking about 
> those earlier this fall.


Just send me your address and I'll get it out this week.

My address is:

2063 Wren Avenue
Corona, California


So, you want the RU-3130 and a cleaner kit?  You want spray oil or
squeeze?  I like the squeeze bottle, it's faster.

The 3130 lists a 3.5" opening...is that what you want?  This may sound
dumb, but aren't the big meters 3"?  I don't have one laying around here
to check.

As for the downpipes...we didn't get any response, so it kinda died on the
vine.  I can still get them done, but I don't want to rip apart my car for
just one -- plus I could never get a straight answer from anybody about
how they wanted it to end -- you know -- how it hooked up at the rear.
I'm not into hooking up a 3" headpipe into a 2.25" pipe...I'll leave that
to Nick and Dave...:)