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SVO: looking 4 Vin info?

 Haven't wrote to the list many times but I really like the info that you
all put out.
I found down the street from where I live a SVO! I can't get the guy to part
with it but
it hasn't moved in at least 2 years and the tags were last registered in Aug
92.  He
says " I'm gonna fix it" ?  Not sure what is wrong with it but it looks
really clean all original
paint a little faded and the windshield cracked. The interior is nice no
rips or tears, its
gray cloth oh and the car is a dark green. The rims look new!  So I can't
find this guy at
home for a year or so now and I wanna make a offer to buy again. What year
is it? It
has the aero headlights dbl. spoiler and the vin is 1FABP28TOGF166174.  It
has the original
radio "premium sound" etc.... umm... what else ...  no sunroof. What is it
worth the speedo says 45k
and the car looks it.

83 GT Turbo