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Re: SVO: rear ends

To the entire list,
 PLEASE send letters the car it very much in the wrong class since S.C.C.A.
moved the car years ago to B-stock and then last year to F-stock where it
competes against the V-8 Mustangs and F-cars.The car was very competitive
in G-stock and could still be today although the class is dominated by
Probe G.T's/MX-6's and now the V-6 Camaro's.It would be better classed
there than where it currently is,and I would be back in a big way.I still
have all the parts that made my co-driver and me the most competitive
S.V.O. drivers in G-stock.

P.S. Send letters to : Sports Car Club of America
                                    Solo Events Board
                                    9033 E.Easter Place
And THANK YOU for your support!!!!!!
 10:0 AM 11/11/97 -0800, DBROWER.US.ORACLE.COM wrote:
>The point is, if you change the boost, you are cheating, whether you 
>get caught or not. 
>In ESP, intercoolers are free; this is perhaps the highest leverage  
>point for SVOs; unfortunately, it may still be hard to keep up with 
>well prepared 300hp CamaroBirds. 
>If you want to do something really productive, send a letter to the SEB 
>in favor of a reclassification to back to GS where we belong.   
>There a well-driven SVO might be competitive with the 200hp V6 camaros  
>and the MX6s. Be sure to ask for the Conquest/Starions to come back too; 
>you will sound fairer and more balanced. 
>Date: 11 Nov 97 10:21:31
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>Subject:Re: SVO:  rear ends
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>RaceSVO@aol.com wrote:
>> If you start playing with the turbo boost, be prepared to go
>> in to modified.
>I've wondered about this, how would they know if you just drilled
>out the tee a little bit and kept everything looking exactly stock.
>Would they actually check the bore size of the tee orifices?  Also,
>if you had put the Engle cam in, how would they know?  Or is the
>answer that they don't, but they'll make you do a complete tear
>town and inspection if someone protests you?  I still don't see
>that catching the tee trick...but it would catch the cam change...