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SVO: RE: Re: Steve, Unstable gauges

does the green mark designate SVO specific? I'm make the blatant
assumption that this would be different because there's less current
running though it w/ the volt(amp?) gauge removed for the boost. Can
anyone confirm the P/N for this little beast.



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> Steve,
> When you added the unstable gauges statement in you discription of
> problems
> with the fuel guage, I thought VOLTAGE STABLIZER.   These units (back
> of the
> instument pod) seem to go bad often.   I think it's design to keep
> voltage at
> 10/12V in the face of Hi Rpm charging and current surge.  I went out
> to my
> shop
> to get a part # for you but only had take-off instrument pods.   Did
> notice a
> "green
> paint dob" on it so it's SVO specfic.  I've gotten good at changing
> them out
> without disconecting the speedo-but you may want to get the pod in
> hand for a
> first time attempt.   Becareful with the film
> Mark