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Re: Ordering parts

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, joseph edward morgan wrote:

> So, you want the RU-3130 and a cleaner kit?  You want spray oil or
> squeeze?  I like the squeeze bottle, it's faster.
> The 3130 lists a 3.5" opening...is that what you want?  This may sound
> dumb, but aren't the big meters 3"?  I don't have one laying around here
> to check.

I think they're 3" OD...I know that a 7" fit perfectly on my big VAF,
and I even put it on a small VAF (2.5" ?) when my big one went out on me
once.  You just have to keep screwing in the hose clamp, it'll snug up :)
My 9" cone is from a 5.0 (box is in the garage) and I think it's a 3.5"
neck, much larger than the RU-3130 (that must make it 3"). They must be
measuring wrong or something. I really have to snug up the 9" to get it to


Thanks for the reply on the DIS stuff. I assumed it was DIS when he
mentioned that the computer "defaulted" the timing to 10 degrees. If he
replies, I will have to ask why he can't change the timing.

I have that funky neck on my Garrett that will set me back $40 to replace
the compressor housing to use the TC intercooler in its stock location. I
figured that's $40 towards a new front mount intercooler (and say hello to
a nice, flat, non-molested hood). I am having one hell of a time finding
one in town though. We have 4 local yards, and no one has anything
turbocharged.  There are a bunch of Audi 5000 turbos and Volvos running
around, but none in the yards. I got in touch with a Volvo yard in the
twin cities and they wanted $400 for the trick cooler that comes with the
slant 2.3 turbos (ouch!). I might as well buy Nick's ;)

What is the "brick" from in your truck Joe?