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Re: Took the Merk to the track for the baseline..part 1


I can't believe you didn't update your signature file already! ;)

Anyone want to start a pool on how long Scott's 5-speed will last in the
Merk? We all know how Scott and 5-speeds mix. ROFL! (J/K Scott) That's OK
though, I'm sure you "steal" a T-5 from the U-Pull-It for $20..."What, you
want $35 for a T-5? Are you crazy? My friend was in here last week and
bought the shifter off it for $15 already!"

Flame_Mode.enabled := true;

I curious to see how that thing runs out. I have driven several Merkurs
and they seemed quick, but not the "250 horse @ rear wheels" or "14.1 ET"
bone stock variety that Dave and Nick and others chant about on the Merk