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Re: SVO: IC rigging???

> The Conquest TSI intercooler is 2" in and out.  It can and needs to be
enlarged to 2 1/4 to flow any serious amout of air.  Other than that it's
not a bad unit.
> The plumbing isn't cheap becouse of all the measurements and bends.  You
might want to try and find a shop which specialized in building turbo cars.
 I'd probably use stainless pipes.  And it needs to be mounted either in
front of the radiator OR facing down behind and slightly below the radiator
with a scoop to pick up air flowing under the car.

I have one of these ICs, and was going to put it on an XR of mine.  The end
tanks need to have bigger pipes put on them.  Since this would be aluminum
welding, $$$.  It is not a very good unit to start with, because of flow
thru the core, but can be bought cheaply sometimes.

For anyone wanting to make intercooler tubing, here's what Chris Thomason
and I did on our respective intercooler installations, which are both
definitely custom.

You can buy mandrel bent 180 degree u bend sections of pipe from Summit or
Jeg's.  Select your pipe size and order about 4 U bends.


Saw thru the sections at the correct angle with one of those "Miracle
Disks", advertised on TV,  installed in your circular saw.  MUCH faster
than a hacksaw and straight flush edges.

Weld the sections together with a wire feed welder.  Chris and I both have
the cheapest wire fed welder available.  Mine was $200 with wire, mask, and
other stuff.  Grind off the slag and paint. 

Install cooler, Turn up boost, have fun!

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