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SVO: last word on the cluster V regulator

>From Joe Morgan.....  (thanks Joe)

>From the Ford EVTM for 86 Mustang/Capri, page 49:

"With the Ignition Switch in ACCY or RUN, the Instrument Voltage
supplies a pulsating output voltage to power the gages {mis-spelled in
text}  The output (5.0 volts average) operates the Fuel, Coolant and Oil
Pressure Gages{sp}." {emphasis deleted} 

The part number is DIAZ-10804-A, and it's the same as practically every
Ford with gauges...they all use the same voltage to run the gauges, and
often the same movements -- only the face or the screenprinting is

>From Jim Dvorak.... (thanks Jim)

Borg Warner -- BW R306 Instrument Cluster Voltage Regulator
82-88 Mustang

My GT cluster (guessing it's an 83) and my spare SVO cluster (not sure
year -- they should all be the same) have identical looking regulators
no green dab that I could see.

Enjoy, choose your weapon.....  Mike `84