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SVO: What's it worth???


	I got the 155lph pump and the used (non-leaking) gas tank up and 
in the car this weekend.  Forgot my fuel pressure gauge so final 
adjustments will have to wait until tomorrow.  The car already feels more 
responsive and willing to handle long, high boost pulls.

	While I was home, I also came across a wrecked '85 SVO for sale.  
I was wondering if I could get some input on what it's worth.  Here's a 
quick description:  
	-clean cloth interior (not mint, average wear on driver's seat bolster, 
dash cracked, steering wheel and shift knob leather badly torn), 
	-4 good wheels w/clearcoat and 2 good tires, 
	-good running engine and trans (looks totally unmolested, odometer says 
58K...this is beliveable based on interior, overall condition), 
	-some idiot pulled the upper wing and cut about an inch off of the 
tops of the lower to mount louvers on the rear window (screwed directly 
into the hatch),
	-good konis all of the way around
	-everything underneath looks in order (rear, brakes, etc.)
	-good doors, panels and glass all around
	-heres the ugly part...It was hit real hard in the right front.  
The entire front end is shifted over, passenger's strut tower is bent in 
over an inch.  Basically, the hood, bumper cover, reinforcement panel, 
and pass. fender are all ruined.  I might be able to save the drivers 
fender and the fog light support bar.

	I'm looking to pick up the car for parts.  What do you think it's 
worth?  I've totalled up the costs of the parts I need based on what I've 
seen others sell used parts for.  This well exceeds the asking price of 
the car.  Now I'm trying to decide what to offer to start negotiations.  
Oh yeah, the car is at a Mustang/Camaro/Firebird rebuildable parts/cars 
place.  Basically, they buy cheap/wrecked cars and 
rebuild/sell/part-out.  They know exactly what it is....no questions 
about that.  They have an 85.5 and 86 hiding in the very back of their 
wharehouse...both are super clean and have very low miles (less than 10K).

85&86 SVOs (soon to be 85&85&86 SVOs!!)