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[Fwd: SVO: """""MASS-AIR KIT IS DONE """"'']

Have at it...;-).
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The kit is a done deal, it works great. No problems at all. The turbo spool
up is nite and day faster. The lowend is much stronger. We will be doing some
dyno testing over the next few weeks. Real testing, some cars with the stock
VAF on them. We will then remove only the VAF and install our mass-air
system. Run the test again. We will not be adding two or three other things
at the same time, and then claim tons of power. 
The system will be sold two ways. 
The base system will be set up for the injector that you will be running. The
cost is $395.00.
We will also sell a adjustable system, you will be able to lean the system
40% or richen the system 10%. The cost will be $445.00

The kit comes with a modified Pro-M 76mm mass-air meter that flows 600 cfm,
 Our Modern Performance  interface computer, a K-N air fliter, wire harness.
Every mass-air system also comes with a Lifetime performance guarantee.
Along with the 10% list member discount we discount the first 5 system an
extra 10%.
If anyone would like more info on the Mass-air system please let me know.


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