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Re: SVO: Re: Vortech Aftercooler

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997 Mp23cc@aol.com wrote:

> I do not know how good the flow numbers are on the Vortech cooler they
> tested. On the street you would need a radiator about the size of 16x14x1 to
> cool the core to about the 80% range.

You mean a radiator for the aftercooler water right? If so, not only is
that the size of a really nice air to air cooler, I would hate to have to
mount it in the first place!!!

 With this size radiator in front of the
> engine radiator I would think the engine temps would be much higher.

Depends on what you mean. If you mean the engine would be hotter becuase
the airflow is hindered, yeah I guess it could affect it a bit.  But if
you mean becuase of the heat coming off such a large heat exchanger,it
would be no diffrent than having an air to air there that would cool the
air charge to the same temp....the amountof heat rejected by the ic and
picked up by the radiator would be the same.

> 116 octane fuel, ice water for the cooler, 83 exhaust housing, no power under
> 4200 to power above 5300. This is a true dyno only motor, you would not want
> to drive this around the block. How about the air fuel numbers at idle, what
> does a stable idle mean? 42s with no reprogram of the computer, this can
> never happen.

They are running a .82 housing???   I know they have the stage III wheel,
which is already kinda sluggish on a non bottled 2.3, but the 82
housing?no way!  Joe has the stock wheel in an 82 housing on the pinto,
and his car barely makes boost until 2nd gear if its off the bottle!
Notice they haven't posted a track time since part 1?  Wonder why? Maybe
it only makes powert at the Salt Flats....I *heard* the owner is all proud
of himself cuz he broke into the 13's or something.....lemme jus say BIG
freakin deal.....

>  I guess they made the power they were looking for but I would like to see it
> made on a street car that needs to be driven to and from work everyday.

Yeah, maybe they were building the TA for tractor pulls....plenty of time
to build boost.  Doubt that they  were modding the car to accelerate,
being as they never posted their track times, and apparantly the car has
been to the track....


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