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Re: SVO: """""MASS-AIR KIT IS DONE """"''

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 Mp23cc@aol.com wrote:

> The kit is a done deal, it works great. No problems at all. The turbo spool
> up is nite and day faster. The lowend is much stronger. We will be doing some
> dyno testing over the next few weeks. Real testing, some cars with the stock
> VAF on them. We will then remove only the VAF and install our mass-air
> system.

Are you going to put it on an SVO, that has the big meter from the
factory?  Please dont mislead people compare a large mass air meter to the
small early TC or merk vane....And I wanna see track times...Dyno stuff is
nice, but even you was talking about how the TIny Avenger stuff was a joke
cuz all they used was the dyno...

> The kit comes with a modified Pro-M 76mm mass-air meter that flows 600 cfm,
>  Our Modern Performance  interface computer, a K-N air fliter, wire harness.
> Every mass-air system also comes with a Lifetime performance guarantee.
> Along with the 10% list member discount we discount the first 5 system an
> extra 10%.

ProM 76? they don't makwe a 76. There is either the ProM 77, or the Bullet
75. THe bullet is the cheapie, and NOT a Pro M by name.  Saying Pro M
implies its the better 77mm meter,but I doubt you are including that
becasue it is 400 bux by itself.


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