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SVO: Upgrade Suggestions/Help

Well, it's officially winter here in Canada and it's time for the
rebuild/upgrade. I am trying to figure out the smartest things to do, I
have spent the first part of the ownership of this car restoring it as
close to stock showroom condition as possible. Now it's time to make

What I have done:

Manually adjusted boost
K&N Conicle
Engle T55h camshaft ( Daves cam)
Rebuilt Turbo
NGK spark plugs
High flow cat

In no particular order:
What to do???????????????? and in what order??????????????????

Esslinger turbo scene
	- mass air conversion
	- 3" down pipe
- 3" single exhaust (from what I can figure duel won't make a
- Larger fuel pump (what size?)( no kenne bell boost a pumps)
- Larger injectors (42lb?)
	- Chip for injectors and fuel mapping, and rev limiter 
- 87/88 TC intercooler or spearico unit.(It seems to me that if what you
are doing is running at the track, putting dry ice on the intercooler
between races would have the same effect.)
- Bigger turbo (TO4 S-Trim?)
- Crane Hi-6 and a PS92 coil
- add 3 degrees of timing

All suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance.

84 SVO, Silver