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Re: SVO: BFGoodrich Comp T/A's...

>Can anyone tell me if they have any problems running 245/50/16's on their 
>SVO?  Funds are tight, but Discount Tire has Comp T/A's for $99 each ($418, 
>delivered to CA).  They have 245/45/16's too, but they are 20 bucks more a 
>pop (remember, money is tight!).  I'd love to hear from anyone...

        Well, the 50's will fit the rim, and qon't rub with stock ride
height.  Not sure with the drop.  However, a friend of mine runs 245-50-16's
on his `91 GT and he has a 2" drop.  The 45's are a hair wider, so if the
50's rub, the 45's will too.
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