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Re: Took the Merk to the track for the baseline..part 1

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> I have a bellhousing if you need one.
Hmmm, maybve I'll take you up on that.....

> > > and they seemed quick, but not the "250 horse @ rear wheels" or "14.1 ET"
> > > bone stock variety that Dave and Nick and others chant about on the Merk
> > > list.
> > > 
> > THey say showroom stock they run 14.1? or the loose definition of stoick?
> Didn't you hear about Dave Compton and Nick's little escapade to the local
> dynojet a year ago? They brought in a bone stock Merkur with only Nick's
> downpipe and a K&N cone (they claim) and it turned 250 horse at the rear
> wheels @ 20psi of boost (no intercooler). It was on the Merk list. Ask
> Dave about it...
Nicks downpipe into a stock cat and cat back? what good is that? Shit, on
the pinto I now have a stock merkur downpipe, that is opened up AFTER the
joint.....it makes it quieter..errr, less noisy:)
Wonder how hard they had to pop the clutch at 6000rpm to get the hp to
spike that high!


-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!
-85.5 Escort, SOLD! 
-85 Merkur, let the modding begin!