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SVO: Tiny Avenger

I have a question about the drivability of the latest MM&FF article on the
Tiny Avenger.  They said that they were getting well over 20psi with the
upgraded turbo, but what about bypass valve?  Wouldn't there be a boost
surge problem from the Intercooler/Aftercooler & 20+psi?  I wonder why they
did not add a boost bypass valve?  Again, I agree that this is a dyno-only

This is just another article paid for by someone trying to sell their
product.  Notice how the owner of the car has 'decided' to start selling
this stuff.  Typical MM&FF article, pay the writer and here comes the

Chris Roth	
98 SVT Contour -Black
86 SVO Mustang -Silver Metallic
85 SVO Mustang -Bright Red