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Re: SVO: BFGoodrich Comp T/A's...

In a message dated 97-11-17 16:13:51 EST, Kenny.Baxter@Ebay.Sun.COM writes:

 Can anyone tell me if they have any problems running 245/50/16's on their 
 SVO?  Funds are tight, but Discount Tire has Comp T/A's for $99 each ($418, 
 delivered to CA).  They have 245/45/16's too, but they are 20 bucks more a 
 pop (remember, money is tight!).  I'd love to hear from anyone...
 If the 50 series rub too much, I guess that I'll have to dig a bit deeper 
 into my pockets.  
 Thanks for any info...
 ps. My '86 SVO has Eibachs (about a 1.25" drop) and stock rims...
For those on a tight budget who need tires, Go to Pep Boys. They have Futura
brand 225/50 16 and 245/50 16" tires for $64.99 each!!! The tires are not
bad, I have 4 on my 84 GT(16" star rims) and I have a number of friends who
bought them. They are made by either cooper or BF Goodrich for Pep Boys. They
also have good deals on 15" tires, I bought 2 265/50 15" for my 88(welds) for
$56.99 each.

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