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Introduction and First Questions.

	Hello. I thought I would introduce myself and make my presence
	My name is Bryan, and I met Cory Erickson on one of the Ford
mailing lists some time ago, and living nearby at the time in Grand Forks
ND, I visited a few times. I currently am living in Missoula Mt.
	My car consists of a 1988 Thunderbird TC. It is maroon, with the
charcoal and black interior. The only two options I am missing are the
sunroof and the leather seats. Consequently I have the 4 speed automatic
tranny. I have had the damn thing rebuilt twice in the 84000 miles  that
are on the car. This of course limits the HP to 150 on the stock car. I
have performed some minor modifications that bring the power to about what
Cory is getting with his Pinto, somewhere in the 225 range....
	1. wastegate trick to get more boost than the stock automatic
tranny limit of 10psi. I am now running about 18psi.
	2. K & N 7" cone filter, that I am not currently using.
	3. Cat-back 2.5" dual exhaust with _NO_ mufflers, but 3" resenator
tips installed. Sounds neat. pop opop  popopoppo ppoppoop :)

	I also have some questions. When I had the cone filter on back
home in North Dakota I had no qualms with it save the old letting in extra
dirt dilema. I still have some concern there, which is part of the reason
for taking it off when I moved here to Missoiula. Here in Missoula, which
is about 3000ft higher that Grand Forks, I am getting a lot more lag, and
pinging. With the cone filter installed I was getting some lag, and the
performance was just plain wierd: I would step on the gas, and I would get
the lag, then 18psi, no in between. ANd the car seemed to be using the
turbo a lot more; I think that was because I am in the mountains, and the
baby 4-popper needs more power more often.
	The other main concern is all the pinging I get. It is very light,
but it happens rather continously, on anything but light throttle. I thing
there may be a timing issue here. I use 91 octane ( the highest availible
here, and it is now oxygenated for the winter).

Have a great day..........

Bryan Berndt                                            bryanb@montana.com
Internet Connect Services                http://people.montana.com/~bryanb
                       1988 ThunderBird Turbo Coupe
                "Get In, Sit Down, Shut Up, and Hang On!"