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Please forgive me, I have committed high SVO treason!!!

This is prosy the hardest Email I have ever typed. So here it goes.....

Last night I took the same road home that I take every night. If so
inclined, you can reach about 70 on it, why mention this? well I for
once in my life I WAS NOT doing 70 more like 45 in a 35 zone. I came
around a curve and the right two tyres fell into a rut on the shoulder.
The road is 2 lanes wide, very curvy and has no real shoulders. I tried
to pull out, it was to deep. I blew the bead on both tires and spun the
car 360 before going in and out of the embankment on the other side of
the road. I took out a wooden sign and totally destroyed the front clip
of the car. the whole frame is moved up and over about an inch. The hood
survived but all the signal lens blew out. The engine is fine. I don't
believe the frame can be straightened enough to make it worth the money
so I no longer have to worry about what color to paint it. I've created
my first parts car  :-(  Another SVO is dead and it's my fault.
Ironically, I'd feel better if I actually had been going 70. This has
been my 4th sports car and I've logged more road race miles in Europe
(Germany & Italy) than most people on the list. This is what pisses me
off, never an accident racing but it seams that I can't make it down the
road sober on a clear night. 

Please observe a moment of silence for my baby. 

Now, decisions... Choice one... Buy a new Honda and sell off the SVO for
parts. This would be the sensible thing to do and would simplify life in
the long run (as a college student and full time job holder). However,
my life pretty much revolves around my "hobby" and I would actually keep
my car before my wife at this point. Not having a car to screw with
might kill me. Why a Honda, well I wouldn't try to modify it, just drive
it (like my mother!) No temptation there.

Choice two.....HELP HELP HELP... this is where you all come in. Buy
another SVO. I thought about buying a normal `Stang and swapping parts.
Nope, not worth my time and well, it's not the same. I'll be driving my
winter car (`87 Cavalier) if I can get it running. In the next month I'd
like to find an ultra cheap clean SVO. It must have never been hit and
have good paint also rust free. I'm willing to travel about anywhere to
get it. I'd like to find one as cheap as possible, preferably an `86.
The car need not have good wheels, drivetrain, interior, suspension,
wings, glass, etc... It must have a good rust free body and an SVO front
end. I'll look into renting a trailer and pickem up truck to haul it
iffin it doesn't run.

Tim, give me the scoop on your 85.5    Everyone, please check your local
papers and see what's out there.

Thanks for listening to me whine and your support.

`84 (rest in peace)
?? next toy?
Oh, as long as my Chevy runs I can wait a little while before buying, so
I'm not sure as to when I'll buy.
I've thought about acquiring some "different" European cars, but I'm
pretty stuck on the Ford 2.3s now and well No other car attracts such
cool owners! I don't think I can bear to not have an SVO.