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Re: Please forgive me, I have committed high SVO treason!!!

    40 lashes with a wet noodle......
        10 Hail Mary's...........
           Safe driving school.......

  OK, we'll let you slide on the school this time if you promise not to do
it again.  Gee, I wish the cops would say that once in a while :)  Well,
sorry to hear about the loss.  Have fun finding a "cheap" SVO.  I'm still
trying to steal my buddies `85.  He bought it from some guy in his mid-30's
for $100.  That's right folks,  $100.  I could have killed them both  (still
thinking about it actually).  It had a bad head gasket and the guy didn't
want to replace it again.  3rd time it happened and the guy said it was too
much work.  Well, now my friend can't afford to fix it so I'm trying to get
it off him for a little under $1000.  Nice profit for him, awesome car for
me :)  I'll look for another one for you though, cuz this one's........MINE!
                                                Bug Bug