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SVO: Some Ideas on Preformance Exhaust For The Turbo Coupe

I'm Just passing on the conversation I had with a friend of mine who
owns a muffler shop on the east coast. He has been in business for 30
years The business was handed down from his father. He has his own
pipe benders and has made lots of custom exhausts for street and non
street cars.I figured I'd put it on the list and let you guys chew on

 I know a Guy that has his own muffler shop. He says you could use a
mandrel bent EX from a mustang ( I think it was an LX)  It can be used
in the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe if you weld on about a foot of straight
pipe from the tailpipe to the muffler. He has a Porsche Turbo that he
plays with so he knows about turbos. He says you'r best investment in
power is from the cat back. He showed me a high flow cat and a stock
cat and their is not much difference between them the "brick" was the
same size . He said for the price it's not worth it. He told me you
can go 2 ways with cat: 1- buy a "3 stock cat from a big block V 8 and
weld it in or make flanges to make it look stock and  then fight with
the inspection station, or 2- take you'r stock cat and do a port job
to make the less turbulent and flow better which is cheaper and is
less problem at the inspection station and is very close to the "high
flow" type of cat. He said you really not going to see any results
with a 3" cat unless you go radical with your engine and at that point
I don't think it's going to be a street car anymore. He did say a 3"
down pipe would help but not as much as a bigger tailpipe/muffler
which needs to be changed first to make a down pipe flow better
anyway. He didn't have a source for the down pipe but said  he could
make one up but it probly would not be as good as an aftermarket (he
doesn't have a mandrel pipe bender)  He use to like the FlowMaster
mufflers (and still does because their a heavy gauge)  but he showed
me a new Dynomax muffler that just came out that are inexpensive and
are copied from the Borla muffler we put the 2 side by side and they
are very much the same. Another neat trick he told me was to wrap the
exhaust from the head to the turbo and the EX turbo housing its self
to keep the gasses hot or in a expanded state so your turbine can get
up to speed faster. AHA now I know why I see all of these heat
blankets or wraps avertised in the Turbo mags. I use to think it was
to protect things around the turbo.
Learn something new every day!